Apprenticeships can be a confusing concept to understand. This page is designed to help employers understand the apprenticeship process and the benefits it could offer you.

The below Q&A should guide you through the most commonly asked questions, but if you have a specific query, don’t hesitate to contact us directly.


Who can be an apprentice? Anyone at any age, including existing staff can become an apprentice.

Will it cost me? An apprentice hourly rate is the current National Minimum Wage. You will need to guarantee a minimum of 30 hours a week for your apprentice, which will include training.

How long will I have an apprentice for? The current length of apprenticeship course is a minimum of 366 days, we can tailor training to suit the needs of your salon, taking into account prior learning (if any). Typically apprenticeships last for 18 months.

What are my apprenticeship options? Please click here to view the various apprenticeship options that we offer.

Will I need to wait until September to take on an apprentice? No we run roll on/off courses so your learner can start at any point throughout the year.

What are the benefits? Taking on an apprentice is your chance to offer someone a great opportunity and pass on your skills and experience to a new generation. It’s also an excellent way to grow your own loyal workforce to suit the needsand culture of your business. Training an apprentice is also more cost-effective than hiring pre-skilled staff.

What is the difference between Apprenticeship Frameworks and Standards? Apprenticeship Frameworks are being phased out and replace by “Hair Professional Standards”. The new standards are set at a higher level than the Apprenticeship Frameworks and includes some knowledge, skills and behaviours which were at Level 3 in the Framework.

Do you cover my area? We currently cover training in Hampshire, West Sussex and Surrey.

What support will I get? You will be fully supported by HAHA with recruitment, contracts of employment and you will receive a Government Employer Incentive Payment for employing 16-18 year old (T&C’s apply). We can help you with GDPR Regulations, Health & Safety Policies, Safeguarding & Risk Assessment, Equality and Diversity too.