What is an Apprenticeship?

Hairdressing Apprenticeship

Barbering Apprenticeship

At HAHA Training you can start anytime, You don't have to wait until a set time of the year.
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The national apprentice wage is From 1 April 2023

Age Range Hourly Rate
Age 19 and over
(In your first year)
Aged 16 to 18 £6.40
Aged 19 or over
(Completed your first year)
Aged 21 or over
(Completed your first year)

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Are You Ready to Invest in the Next Generation of Industry Talent?

We invite salon, barber shop, and business owners to inquire about bringing on a motivated apprentice to your team.

By taking on an apprentice, you gain fresh skills and enthusiasm while positively shaping a budding career.

Our programs aim to foster real work experience for driven trainees who learn specialized techniques tailored to your business needs. With structured supervision, and amazing teaching we handle guiding your apprentice's development from start to finish.

If you seek youthful talent ready to prove themselves under an experienced mentor, engage with our apprenticeship team today. We'll discuss program details and find an applicant whose skills and interests align with your establishment's vision.


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