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Personal Statement from Carrie Spridgeon Level 3 Hair Apprentice

I honestly thought that I wouldn’t become anything!! I began work in October 2013 and from then I began to build my confidence, not just at work but within my personal life.

Personally, I was going through some difficult times, my colleagues and my Educator at HAHA training who were so helpful and made me feel so much better about everything in my life – I was able to focus on the things that were
important and move on. I love them and thank them for this support.
From this point I have looked forward, for the first time I can say proud of myself.  I have rebuilt my life completing my Level 3 Hairdressing.
Thank you to everyone who believed in me and has helped me- I couldn’t have achieved it without you all.


Carrie Spridgeon
Level 3 Hair Apprentice

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