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Our Service has been working alongside HAHA Training Academy for the last two years.

Their whole empathic approach to our students’ age 14-16 years old have had a big impact on their learning style.

Our students have many complex of needs and home life backgrounds, some have had also bad experiences in learning in fulltime education.

The tutor who teaches our students goes the extra mile in supporting them in the Salon/Classroom setting and the delivery of session which has taught our students , good behaviour in the work place with good working boundaries , good hairdressing knowledge/ hairdressing skills, which some of our students are continuing on to Apprenticeships with HAHA when leaving fulltime Education.

Our students enjoy attending the two weekly sessions and they have built up a good strong relationship with all staff from Senior Management to trainees at the Academy.

They have been treated with respect and caring approach which has given them a sense of belonging in the Academy, this has lead them to achieve high attendance every session when they had low attendance at school.

HAHA Training Academy Post 16 option has had a big impact for them being offered them the opportunity to go straight into Traineeship/ Apprenticeship , before this was offered we could only direct them to local colleges for further education and they could not always not accommodated our students.

I have enjoyed the last two years working closely alongside HAHA within my working role on being support for our young people and tutor in both sessions, for which I have witness the change of our young students to who have grown into confident Hairdressers to whom will be an asset in the Hairdressing Industry.

Testimonial from TMSS for Training Centre of Excellence Award.
Targeted Mentoring Support Service, Harbour School Fratton.

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